After sales services & spare parts

At Deep Blue Pumps we value our customers and we are at your service throughout the lifespan of your Deep Blue Pumps products.

We offer a broad range of after sales services and support, which ensures top quality standards and fast problem resolution.

Our expertly trained service engineers and back-office staff provide outstanding customer service as well as quick repairs and maintenance. We conduct service and repair on site for your convenience and quick problem solving.


We supply spare parts for the international market.

We offer high quality replacement parts, not only for Deep Blue Pumps manufactered in our factory in the Netherlands, but also for Deep Blue Pumps manufactered in the Dalian Deep Blue Pumps factory.

We can also offer high quality replacement parts for all ANSI pump types manufactered by ITT Goulds, model 3196.

For more information on our after sales services and spare parts please contact us here