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assets/images/chemical_pumps/_resampled/SetWidth200-ANS-ANSZ.jpg ANSIFLO ANS, ANSZ
Pressure: up to 2.5 Mpa
Structure: OH1
Temperature: -40 up to +260 Celsius
Flow: up to 2000 m3/hr
Head: up to 250 m
Standard: ASME/ANSI B73.1



Ansiflo ANS pump can transport all kinds of clean, neutral and corrosive liquid with solid, both low and medium temperature in it. 

It is mainly used in the scope of chemistry, petroleum industry, oil refinery, power plant, paper manufacturing industry, sugar manufacturing industry, pharmacy, steel-smelting factory, medication industry, spent acid transfer, water supply and sewerage work and pipeline pressure boosting.


Ansiflo ANS pump is standard chemical pump

Ansiflo ANSZ pump is chemical self-suction pump

Ansiflo ANSG pump is chemical pipe pump